About Us

IMG_20170627_212649_094Hi, I’m Cassidy 😊 and this is my gluten free family! I have been on a gluten free diet since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2011 when I was seven years old. My main symptom was that I wasn’t growing or gaining weight, and my younger brother was shooting past me.

I love to read, write, play the violin and the French horn, sing in the choir, draw, paint, and play outside. I also love hanging out with my friends- I’m very lucky because one of them has celiac disease too!


And I’m Debby, Cassidy’s Mom and creator of Thriving Gluten Free. I am a Penn State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology & Nutrition. Over the years, I’ve continued my education by becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, and most recently became certified in Natural Holistic Remedies. I am currently self employed and blessed to be a work- at-home mom of four awesome kids!

While I’ve always had a passion for health and wellness, it wasn’t until Cassidy got diagnosed with Celiac Disease that I truly realized how our declining food supply and increase in environmental toxins were impacting our health. I began researching a TON and what I found was scary- pesticides, GMO’s, artificial food additives and toxins in everything from skincare to household cleaners. I needed to make a change, not only for our family, but I wanted to spread this awareness to others. Our mission is to help you start thriving with delicious, nourishing foods and natural, safe alternatives for your home!


xoxo, Cassidy and Debby